Artisan Cheese Makers

In the next few posts I would like to introduce some really valued friends and suppliers, without whom we could not be creating or maintaining nor enjoying the quality of cooking we do. One of the prime examples of people we found as inspiring suppliers is the Schuster Family from Mosna.

Lavinia and Willy Schuster have made a name for themselves by being on the forefront of small scale organic farming. The Schuster family own and run a small farm in Mosna (11km outside Medias) with their many children. The farm is an old Transylvanian farmstead with just 8 cows, the odd pig, chicken and large gardens – a typical Transylvanian small scale working farm!

They produce generally two fantastic artisan cheeses – a matured cheese called “Mutschli” (some flavored with truffles, wild garlic or herbs from Lavinia`s extensive garden) and fresh cheeses flavored and coated with a wide variety of different herbs & ingredients. Also, if one is very lucky, one gets to sample some of the Transsylvanian Parmesan (aged for 12 months) or some of their delicious jams and preserves. Among the later, especially the rose-pedal gem is incredibly flavorful and such incredible hard work – the harvest form their half hectare sized rose plantation is just resulting in 700 small jars of amazing rose jam packed with intense and beautiful flavor.

Lavinia and Willy Schuster are also very active and vocal about the  cause of peasant agriculture in Romania and abroad. Willy travels to many international conferences from Jakarta to Brussels to promote his idea of “down shifting” to conscious small scale farming and was one of the first Romanians to give a TED Talk (see below). This special combination of excellent produce and a fantastic mindset makes the Schuster family one of our most valued suppliers – and beyond that, friends…!