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If you come with open eyes, you will get to experience a beautiful story.

Located in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, the picturesque village of Cund soaked up German, Romanian and Hungarian traditions over the centuries. The result is an extraordinary fusion of these different cultures. The air is soft and clear, the ancient woods and winding paths are directly on our doorstep, meaning you can walk for hours without bumping into another soul. In spring you will have wild daffodils and orchids for company, in summer kestrels will be orbiting the piercing blue skies, in the fall you can go on truffle expeditions and in winter the snow-capped hills and mountains are perfect for winter sports. Culture and history are intricately bound up with each other in Cund. And within a 100 km radius from the village you will find famous churches, spectacular Medieval buildings and Transylvanian highlights such as Sibiu, Sighisoara, Medias, Brasov, Bistriza, Agnita, Regin and Tirgu Mures.



Gourmet Traveller


Escape the busy weekday life and let yourself be pampered in the Transylvanian Wilderness! We are offering from Monday to Thursday a special Gourmet Traveler Package for, one, two, three or four nights! Treat yourself to a lavish five course dinners featuring truffles, inspiring wine pairings, a relaxing wellness massage, afternoon tea, access to our gym and a special welcome package with fresh fruits, tea and water in your room! The following services are included: a delicious five course dinner a wine-paining of premium Romanian wines, water and an espresso a tasty two course lunch afternoon tea including homemade biscuits…

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Horse-back Riding

Horseback Riding

Discover the beautiful nature on a horseback! Transilvania, and especially the area around Cund, is a true paradise for riders. In this part of the „land beyond the forest“ beautiful winding ways through old forests and endless fields of open land offer perfect conditions for exploring this beautiful part of the world. We offer horse-carriage rides for our guests starting from the Valea Verde for trips into the amazing landscape and hidden valleys and clearings in the forrest on the top of the hillsides. Furthermore we can offer you a nice picnic set including some homemade antipasti, sandwiches and drinks…

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The Video

We are extremely happy to share with you this wonderful film about our work at the Valea Verde Retreat made by the Brittish TV presenter and poet Charlie Ottley, best known in Romania for the stunning “Wild Wild Carpathian” Documentary series – please enjoy the following five minutes!

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The Valea Verde Gym


We are thrilled to announce, that we officially opened the Valea Verde Wellness Gym with its top off the range TechnoGym FORMA line equipment! After a swim in the wonderful soft waters of our Valea Verde Swimming Lake, a ride with our Mountain Bikes, shooting some arrows in the Archery ground or a fun ride on one of our horses in our round pen or the open fields, we believe that with this new addition of a classic gym we will be able to cater to most wishes of those wishing to exercise and stay fit during they vacation in…

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Wellness Massages


Valea Verde Wellness Massages We are extremely pleased to announce that each Wednesday afternoon we will have an extremely experienced and qualified masseur at the Valea Verde, who will spoil our guests in the beautiful ambience of the Red Room. Marcel Ferezan will be available for the following massage treatments: – relaxing massages – anti-cellulite massages – acupressure massages – reflexology massage – shiatsu Kindly note, that we recommend to book your special massage experience ahead and that – by prior appointment – Marcel is available ANYTIME to attend to your special needs!

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Dear Guests! We warmly invite you to explore the surrounding natural and cultural sights of Transylvania with a qualified and experienced guide. Our guides will share their profound knowledge with you on these excursion and thus create a deeper understanding for the culture and nature of the Transylvania. Here you can find several itineraries starting and leaving from the Valea Verde, which we can highly recommend, but please note that also other tours are possible! Our guides are also available as a guide & driver for you – just ask the Valea Verde staff and they can inform you of the options available! If…

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Summer by the lake.


Enjoy a refreshing splash and a magnificent view of the pristine wide-open landscape at our generous natural pool. Complete with soft towels, sun loungers and endless time for reading and dreaming.

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Villa Vinéa


In this post I would like to introduce our neighbors “Villa Vinéa” – a new winery just 18km away from the Valea Verde, which launched their still very young wines at the end of 2012. Villa Vinéa is situated in the Tarnave valley between Bahnea and Tirnaveni, just 15 km from the well known Jidvei winery. The Tarnave region used be a well known wine area before the second world war with many small and some larger wineries, but predominately white varieties were grown here. Villa Vinéa is owned by a business man from South Tirol, which had the vision to reinvent…

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Valea Verde Voucher

Voucher Colaj 960x400

Surprise friends, family or partners with a stay at the Valea Verde! We have several vouches available from Truffle Hunting Weekends to Romantic Dinners in the Red Room or a special winter break with great food and special wine pairings… We happily create a customized experience for you to give away, just contact us and let us inspire you! A Truffle Hunting weekend is always an excellent gift for all people passionate about food, nature and great company! Spoil someone with a voucher to this autumn or winter activity – especially all “foodies” will enjoy the combination of experiencing how…

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Artisan Cheese Makers

In the next few posts I would like to introduce some really valued friends and suppliers, without whom we could not be creating or maintaining nor enjoying the quality of cooking we do. One of the prime examples of people we found as inspiring suppliers is the Schuster Family from Mosna. Lavinia and Willy Schuster have made a name for themselves by being on the forefront of small scale organic farming. The Schuster family own and run a small farm in Mosna (11km outside Medias) with their many children. The farm is an old Transylvanian farmstead with just 8 cows,…

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Transylvanian Events Calendar


Our friends Iuliana and Cristi from Reky Travel (, a great travel agency from Sibiu, have compiled a quite extensive list of events taking place in Transylvania this summer. Here we would like to present you with some of the events we think are particularly noteworthy and we have included some links to the respective sites. All summer long… Concerts organized by in Saxon churches in several locations in Transylvania. The concerts are often of extremely high musical quality and often in amazing settings – from very rural in charming old churches to amazing city churches of outstanding acoustics and…

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The St. Nicholas Church in Cund

Cund Kirche

A brief history of the Transylvanian Saxons,  our village and the restoration of the church The St. Nicholas Church in Cund is the villages most impressive landmark and was built and used by the Saxon community until their (nearly complete) exodus from Transylvania in 1994. The Saxons are an ethnic minority of German decent, who settled in Transylvania from the 12th century onwards. The colonisation of Transylvania by Germans was begun by King Géza II of Hungary (1141–1162). For decades, the main task of the German settlers was to defend the southeastern border of the Kingdom of Hungary. The colonisation…

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As of the spring season 2013 we are happy to offer our guest the unique experience of building their own longbow in a workshop dedicated specially to this purpose under the guidance of an experienced craftsman! The ancient traditions of the British or Hungarian bowman, who used their bows and arrows to hunt and fight, have seen a great revival in the last couple of years. The craft of selecting a suitable piece of wood and turning it into a longbow, which can shoot an arrow over a long distance, is a lengthy process that requires a lot of patience…

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Hotel Transylvania


 “Welcome to the Hotel Transylvania, Dracula’s lavish five-stake resort, where monsters and their families can live it up, free from meddling from the human world. But here’s a little known fact about Dracula: he is not only the Prince of Darkness; he is also a dad. Over-protective of his teenage daughter, Mavis, Dracula fabricates tales of elaborate dangers to dissuade her adventurous spirit. As a haven for Mavis, he opens the Hotel Transylvania, where his daughter and some of the world’s most famous monsters – Frankenstein and his bride, the Mummy, the Invisible Man, a family of werewolves, and more…

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“Beyond the forest”


“Beyond the forest” Siebenbürgen – Ardeal – Erdely The sound of the “Transylvania” evokes many pictures and expectations – we are thinking of large, untouched landscapes with forest, wolves, bears, fortified churches and beautiful hidden villages. Transylvania is situated toward the west and the north of the Carpathian mountain range and borders on the great Hungarian plain. For travellers Transylvania presents many special experiences – nature lovers will find an amazing diverse flora and fauna in the untouched hills and valleys of the Transylvanian wilderness. For those interested in history, this area offers a very complex and highly interesting aspects: Transylvania…

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Great holiday reads – our recommendations


Cund has some fantastic places for reading: In winter, why not sit back by the open fire in our “Valea Verde” restaurant. Or take your book to the comfy sofas and easy chairs in our pavilion, retreat to the patio, the gorgeous surroundings or simply the reading corners in your houses or apartments – there are abundant of places for you to relax with a good book. Recent years have seen the release of various publications on Romania and Transylvania. Below you will find a selection of interesting reads – in preparation for your holiday and to add some fun…

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Hiking on ancient tracks


We have the most beautiful routes, woods, hills and valleys directly on our doorstep. The perfect base from which to explore the flora and fauna of the countryside or take a guided walk collecting herbs. We will supply you with a packed lunch or prepare a picnic for you at a breathtaking vantage point.

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Arts and Craft


For us at the Valea Verde team it is a matter of pride that we familiarize you with Transylvania’s long-established crafts traditions, for example blacksmithing, carpentry or painting. When visiting a traditional carpenter’s workshop you will not only be able to watch the carpenter at work but will get to create small timber souvenir!

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Local horses, happy riders.


Transilvania is a true paradise for riders. In this part of the „land beyond the forest“ beautiful winding ways through old forests and endless fields of open land offer perfect conditions for exploring this beautiful part of the world. We offer horse-carriage rides for our guests and collaborate with Mihnea Virgolici and the Cross Country Riding Farm for equestrian activities. Mihnea Virgolici is an internationally acclaimed equestrian professional and we offer a shuttle service to his equestrian centre, which is just 18km away…

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Our Children’s Special Weekend


Our kids’ weekends mean fun for the whole family. Including a riding workshop, a trip in the horse and carriage, a picnic in the apple orchard, a treasure hunt and an archery competition. To keep energy levels topped up there will be healthy versions of kids’ all-time favorite meals – such as create-your-own fresh pizza, pasta and burgers.

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Transylvanian Cyling Weekend


 Together with our friends from CarpatBike, we invite you to a wonderful weekend break in the hilly area of South Eastern Transylvania, where you will enjoy two wonderful cycling days mixed with cheese and wine tasting experiences. Our guided cycling tour will take you to the wonderful fortified churches and castles of Malancrav, Biertan, and Medias (included in the UNESCO World Heritage) and will immerse you in the history, the culture and the traditions of Mediaeval Transylvania! It is not the idea to cycle long distances, but to enjoy in another way the nature and historical sights of Transylvania. We…

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Your day in Sighişoara will be an unforgettable experience. Under the name Castrum Sex the town was established as the sixth of seven castles of the Saxons and was recorded in the history books under the Old German name of Schespurch. The medieval gem with its extraordinary urban fabric that naturally nestles against the green forest covered hills became a World Heritage Site in 1999. And by the way, the supposed birthplace of Vlad Dracul Tepes, who served as the historic foundation for the infamous Count Dracula, is also located in Sighişoara.

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Truffle Hunting


A very special experience for food lovers! We would like to invite you to come and join us on a weekend dedicated to the good things in life! With our Truffle Hunter Cornel we proudly Truffle Hunt Weekends in Cund from August to February! Transilvania is becoming more and more reknown for its huge amounts and excellent quality of Truffles, which Michelin Star Chefs rate first class! In 2009 we sucessfuly organized five truffle hunt weekends and have – du to popular demand – made this one of our regular offers hosting over 27 such special weekends by now. Apart…

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(Deutsch) Schreinern


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