Gourmet Weekend

Transylvanian Valentine´s Weekend

On a special weekend in the Transylvanian Wilderness we are seeking to address and spoil all your senses with a truly special rural country-side experience, lavish multi-course menus prepared using fantastic local produce paired with amazing wines and several enlightening culinary workshops! The objective of the weekend is to celebrate the art of fine dining, drink fine wines and to deepen our knowledge by small workshops about several culinary topics – and last but not least, to wholeheartedly embracing life in an inspiring and relaxed setting among old and new friends!

In the secluded setting of the rolling hills of Transylvania in the tiny village of Cund, the Valea Verde will welcome you with its own unique charm! In restored old farmhouses you will find cosy, rustic and characterful accommodation – a palace where finding true values and reconnecting with one´s senses might be easier, than in other places… The acclaimed Valea Verde Restaurant will be the venue for the weekend program and we will be preparing over 50 different exciting and inspiring dishes during the course of 42 hours!

The weekend is hosted by Jonas Schäfer and moderated by the internationally renown food & wine expert Roland Birr, who has over 30 years of experience in hosting culinary events from his native Germany to the US to Sidney and Beijing. His passion for the culinary world and his profound knowledge as a trained oenologist make his presentations genuinely interesting and accessible for anybody loving food and wine, whatever his prior experiences in these fields may be – and above all tremendous fun! The weekend will evolve around eight different experiences, which all consist of a theoretical and a tasting part:

Sherry & Port – Two Iberian Beauties

Once an integral part of any civilised afternoon or pre-dinner gathering, these two wine based liqueurs have become less known, but really deserve more attention! We will start the weekend with a nice informal gathering, where we will learn more about the history of these spirits, get to know one another  – and sample Sherry and Port like in the good old times!

Ocean Feast Dinner

A true feast is defined by its opulence – and on this night we want to indulge in a true seafood orgy: fresh lobster, oysters, shrimp, langoustines, salmon, calamari – we will have it all and lots more of it! After severals starters with raw, marinated, smoked and poached seafood we will serve a seafood platter to remember and all this will be paired by some amazing wines, which are carefully selected to enhance the joy of this feast!

Chocolate & Coffee

After a delicious breakfast it is time for Saturdays first workshop – an introduction to the  world of chocolate and coffee and why they pair so well together! We will learn of the origins, different forms of presentation and their importance in and for the culinary world. However, rest assured: after the interesting theoretical parts, we will also taste prime examples of delicious chocolate and special coffees!

Truffle Hunting

Truffles are some of the most precious and valued ingredients in the world of cooking and the forests and hills around Cund are full of the “black gold”! We will be taking a guided walk with an experienced truffle hunter, who will show us “in sitiu” in the Transylvanian forest, how to find and harvest truffles! Upon our return to the Valea Verde we will eat the freshly harvested truffles in two different forms. Roland Birr will also introduce us to a great German Riesling, which pairs amazingly well with the delicate truffle flavour and also make sure, that we will have acquired the right state of mind to enjoy a siesta…

David & Goliath

There are many mysteries in the wine world and in this session we will do a blind tasting of two very renown wines of international rank with very high prices and two very affordable,  absolutely unknown wines! After an introduction on how to taste wines professionally, we will see for ourself, what sommeliers & wine critics around the  world are challenged with everyday – and how important (and sometimes difficult it is) to trust one´s own senses! This interesting experience will also show, how a historical background and good marketing is part of the wine business today and Roland Birr will share some of his personal experiences in this field.

Wine & Dine

Having sampled four outstanding wines, its time for some food! Chef Jonas Schäfer and his team will spoil you with a seven course truffle menu featuring the finest local ingredients – from delicious root soups to wild game to a very special truffle desert and we will then sample five glasses of wine paired and introduced by Roland Birr. Also we will then have room to share, reflect on and discuss the days experiences…

Cigar & Whiskey

After dinner its time to indulge in a cigar (for the smokers) and sample two different whiskey, again with thorough background provided on both the cigars and the Scottish Single malt whiskeys tasted. Later on, we will retire to a large bonfire outside…

The Hedonist Champagne Brunch

On Sunday morning we are awaiting you – well and rested after a good night sleep – at the Valea Verde with Truffled Eggs Benedict and many other local and international specialities! But – as all the weekend was about wine and food – we are having a special Champagne Tasting this morning. Roland Birr is presenting “The Hedonist Champagne” in a Jeroboam bottle, a truly befitting end to a weekend of beautiful food, drinks and company!

The Program

Friday – February 14th, 2014

17h Arrival and check in
19h “Sherry & Port – Two Iberian beauties”
20h “Ocean Feast” Dinner

Saturday – February 15th, 2014

9h    Leisurely Breakfast
10h  “Chocolate & Coffee”
11h  Truffle Hunting
13h  Truffle Lunch
14h  Siesta
17h  “David & Goliath” Blind Tasting
20h “Wine & Dine” Dinner
23h Cigar Hour 

Sunday – February 16th

10h Gourmet Brunch & Hedonist Champagne Tasting

The following items are included:

  • “Ocean Feast” Seafood dinner (seven courses) on Friday Night
  • Wine Pairing for the “Ocean Feast” (five glasses) on Friday Night
  • Leisurely Breakfast at the Valea Verde Restaurant on Saturday Morning
  • Truffle Lunch (two co urses) at the Valea Verde Restaurant on Saturday Lunchtime
  • “Wine & Dine” Dinner (seven courses) at the Valea Verde Restaurant on Saturday Evening
  • Wine Pairing for the “Wine & Dine” Dinner (five glasses) on Friday Night
  • Gourmet Brunch at the Valea Verde Restaurant on Sunday Morning
  • “Sherry & Port” Workshop (including Tasting) on Friday
  • “Chocolate & Coffee” Workshop (including Tasting) on Saturday
  • guided 1,5h Truffle Hunt on Saturday
  • “David & Goliath” Workshop (including Tasting) on Saturday
  • large bonfire on Saturday Evening
  • “Cigar & Whiskey” Workshop (including tasting) on Saturday Evening
  • “Hedonist Champagne Tasting”
  • Water, Tea and Coffee
  • Moderation by Roland Birr
The price for this whole package as described above is Euro 648,- per adult, accommodation not included. For bookings please use the on-line system. After selecting the desired accommodation unit and the number of participants, the costs will be calculated automatically –  alternatively you can also send us an email.
Important: for this offer special booking and cancellation conditions apply. We require a downpayment of 50% of the total sum upon booking, which is non-refundable for cancellations. Further costs for cancellations do apply less than 60 days prior to your scheduled arrival, please consult our cancellation policy. Should we be able to obtain another booking for this period , we will happily refund the total downpayment with no fees applied!