“Beyond the forest”


“Beyond the forest”

Siebenbürgen – Ardeal – Erdely

The sound of the “Transylvania” evokes many pictures and expectations – we are thinking of large, untouched landscapes with forest, wolves, bears, fortified churches and beautiful hidden villages.

Transylvania is situated toward the west and the north of the Carpathian mountain range and borders on the great Hungarian plain.

For travellers Transylvania presents many special experiences – nature lovers will find an amazing diverse flora and fauna in the untouched hills and valleys of the Transylvanian wilderness.

For those interested in history, this area offers a very complex and highly interesting aspects: Transylvania had several different forms of government, first of all as part of the Dacian Empire, then as a province of the Roman Empire, a century-long tradition of being part of the Austrian & Hungarian empire,  a principality of the Ottoman Empire, and since 1918 an important part of Romania. All these periodes have left their characteristic imprint on Transylvanian architecture and culture and are very much present in everday life in this region.

Especially the Siebenbürger Sachsen, who settled in the region about 700 years ago and build its principal towns, had a massive imprint on the cultural heritage of this area. This is also present in our village Cund, a predominately Saxon village up until 1994,  where the Romanians and Hungarians living here now still have a basic command of the German language.

We would like you to explore and discover more of the history, culture and traditions of this beautiful area in the following articles!