LacertA Wines

Rose at a Summer Wedding

Behind every great wine is a story – and in the case of our collaboration with this vineyard, the beginning of a true friendship…

When we first designed the Valea Verde wine menu after opening our doors in 2o08, we were desperately looking for good Romanian wines for our wine menu. After sampling many many bottles we came to the conclusion, that either one pays ludicrous prices for good Romanian wines or have poor quality. We thus settled for a range of carefully selected affordable decent wines from Italy, France, Germany and Spain.

However, our (at this point predominately foreign guests) were always demanding local wines. We got very used to giving them the long winded apology that for a buying price of more around Euro 30,- a DAVINO wine does not stand up to the same wine produced somewhere else in Europe – especially as our guest were thinking that something locals should be cheaper than the wines they were used to drinking back home.

All this changed for us when I received an email by Walter Friedl, the GM and co-owner of the LacertA winery. Among our growing number of Romanian friends and within the expat community we had heard rumors of a great new winery by an Austrian owner and his wife. Walter introduced himself and wrote, that he had also heard some nice things about us and after a couple of (then still rather formal emails) Ulrike and I decided on the spur of the moment to go to Fintesti, the village where  LacertA is based.

Upon our arrival we were given a tour of the winery followed by a tasting on the terrace of their private home on the winery. Later on that night we returned to the cellar for a memorable barrel tasting. We were incredibly happy! Not only had we made new, lasting friends who appreciate fine dining and good wine as we do, but we also found “a Valea Verde” Romanian wine.

LacertA wines are across the board good wines – each variety is well made, fun to drink and especially the  red and white cuvée show the potential of this still relatively young winery! We have had such an overwhelming positive reaction from our guests from all over the world – many of them ordering LacertA in larger quantities to take home by car or who have the wines shipped to their homes by us or the winery directly.

Last year we also managed, with the help of  Walter and Larisa, to have our own basic house wine made, an affordable basic Merlot and a white cuvée of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris in a screw-top bottle and our own label.

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