Truffle Risotto


Sadly the truffle season has ended much earlier than it did in the last couple of years, but by popular demand we wanted to share this relatively easy recipe for a lush and extremely tasty risotto with you. As you can see later, you may substitute the truffles by other toppings – with spring time approaching one can even start dreaming about the wonderful fresh porcini or chanterelle mushrooms appearing from May onwards in the forests around us… Cooking a great risotto really isn´t all that complicated, you really only just need to observe a few basic technics and then you will have an extremely delicious dish that you can prepare in about forty minutes.

Please start by heating the vegetable stock in pot adding the dehydrated chanterelle mushrooms and let the stock simmer for about 20 minutes. After 20min strain the stock, discard the dehydrated mushrooms and reheat the clear, mushroom infused stock. It is important to have the stock simmering at all times during the cooking process of your risotto, as you will always stop the cooking process if you are adding cold stock to your risotto base…

Then finely dice the shallots (small onions will also suffice, if you cannot find any shallots) and the garlic. Please make sure to remove any green stems inside the garlic clove, as they taste quite bitter. Once you finished this, assemble all your „Mise en Place“ (a fancy French culinary term for all your prepared ingredients) next to the stove, as you will be needing it handy during the cooking process of the risotto.

Then heat a medium sized pot with a thick bottom to medium heat and add some olive oil and 20g of butter. Then add the diced shallots and cook them for about 90 seconds before you are adding the garlic. Once the onions and the garlic is becoming translucent, add the rice and stir well from now on at all times. Once the rice is also changing colour and becoming translucent, add the white wine and keep stirring constantly until nearly all the wine has been absorbed. Then keep on adding a laded of stock to the risotto from time to time before it has be completely absorbed and stir constantly.

Your risotto will be done when your rice is just tender, whilst still having a bite to it (after about 18min to 20min). Then add 100g of cold butter and the freshly grated parmesan and some more stock. The consistency of the risotto should be that of a thick binding sauce, not too runny but certainly not too firm also (a very common mistake). At the end correct the seasoning with salt and pepper and plate in deep dish.

Now you can either add some freshly grated truffles or some fresh chanterelle or porcini mushrooms, which have been sautéed in butter with some thinly sliced shallots, garlic slices, a touch of soja sauce and some port wine. As garnish sprinkle a chiffonade (thinly sliced long slices) of flat leave parsley on top…

Ingredients (serving 6):
500g     good arborio risotto rice (we always use ALNATURA organic rice, available at DM markets in Romania)
1l          vegetable stock, preferably home made
300ml  decent white wine
100g    dehydrated chanterelle mushrooms
4          shallots
3          garlic cloves
120g    butter
30g      olive oil
120g    freshly grated parmesan
            salt and freshly ground pepper